Capital Campaigns

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”    

                                                          -- Peter Drucker

Having a vision is one thing, having the resources to bring that vision to fruition is a very different matter. Edwards + Strunk helps match donors’ priorities and passions to organizational needs, which is critical to successful fundraising. From helping you develop a strong case for support to strategizing the perfect victory celebration, we ensure your campaign is successful and builds a base of support for your future. We assist you in determining the answers to the right questions:

  • Is our campaign plan complete and have we articulated a strong case for support? 
  • Do we have the right staff in place? 
  • What do our supporters truly think of us and this project? 
  • Are our financial goals and timeline realistic? 
  • How do we know when it is time to “go public"? 
  • Have we developed a strategy for each major donor? 
  • Who is going to “make the ask” and for how much? 
  • Do we have a strong, individualized stewardship plan?