Special Events

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” 

                                       -- Milton Berle

Every organization has underperforming annual events. Edwards + Strunk can help you revitalize existing events and can help you create new and even more vibrant opportunities for donor engagement. While events can be a source of income, they can be an even greater source of enthusiasm and engagement for your organization’s fundraising plans. We can help you review your events with a critical eye, ensuring they are achieving your stated goals and providing the greatest possible return on investment.

Events are like most things we encounter, they have a life cycle. This is particularly true of fundraising events. Underperforming events are not just a drain of resources; they can also be detrimental to your organization’s brand. We can help you look at each event, determining what is working and what is not working. We can help you determine if an event is successful and efficient, thus driving your fundraising goals, or if it needs to be improved, fixed, or discarded. Whether the goal is to raise money, engage donors and prospective donors, or – ideally – both, Edwards + Strunk can be your partner in success.